HGG’s Blog

August 28, 2019: The TRIZ Journal published my TRIZ Newbee’s Report.

August 23, 2019: There was a discussion about the differences between TRIZ and Design Thinking on Valeri Souchkov’s Facebook channel. Some of the material is recorded and translated in English in a separate TSN Thread.

July 27, 2019: Valeri Souchkov published a youtube video with a presentation (in Russian) “Прорывное мышление в малом и среднем бизнес. ТРИЗ для предпринимателей” (Breakthrough thinking in small and medium-sized businesses. TRIZ for business) that initiated a strong discussion at his Facebook channel.

July 12, 2019: Дмитрий Бахтурин представил визионерскую лекцию В.А.Подороги – «Общее чувство. Естественные границы искусственного». (Dmitry Bakhturin introduced the visionary lecture of V.A. Podorogi – “General feeling. The natural boundaries of the artificial”.)

February 02, 2019: In Hamburg we had a meeting about TRIZ, dialectics and the development of the GDR Inventor Schools with Rainer Thiel, Justus Schollmeyer, Kai Hiltmann and others.