TRIZ Social Network

The idea of this WUMM subproject ist to set up a TRIZ Social Network (TSN) similar to our attempt to set up a Social Network for the Computer Algebra community.

The main source are different RDF files collected within the WUMM RDFData subproject. For the moment the People and the TRIZ-Summit-2019 data is mirrored (due to performance reasons) and links are produced to view this data.

People in the TRIZ Social Network

For each person listed in the data base a URI is created to reference this person in subsequent files (in particular as speakers in conference reports). We store only spare information and encourage people to add more information, in particular links to their homepages.

A first list of People was mainly extracted from the web pages of the TRIZ Summit 2019 in Minsk and enriched with some additional information. See our FAQ about some consideration on privacy.

TRIZ Certificates

On the MATRIZ website a list of certifies TRIZ specialists is published. The list is maintained at and can easily be analyzed for statistical information. Below you find a statistics of the 31894 certified specialists per country as of 2021-02-11.

Country All Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Republic of Korea 18879 12731 5285 829 25 9
PR China 4266 2801 1196 263 5 1
Germany 2531 2175 276 71 7 2
India 1253 1057 154 42 - -
Russia 1080 536 256 169 60 59
Taiwan 569 403 117 49 - -
United States 521 147 224 123 21 6
Poland 480 379 86 14 1 -
Netherlands 469 351 114 2 1 1
Austria 352 252 76 24 - -

International Organizations


A special function within the TSN could be overviews about past conferences, i.e., to have a single source of reference, what were the talks, where to find papers and slides etc. In the RDFData subproject there is a subfolder Conferences that contains such information in RDF format compliant with Linked Open Data rules about TRIZ conferences (for the moment only about the TRIZ Summit 2019 in Minsk). As proof of concept this information is extracted and displayed at our Conference Page.

What I learned so far the main Conferences in the area are

TRIZ on Facebook

As far as I understand most of new TRIZ-relevant information can be found in different Facebook channels as

TRIZ on Youtube


We collect Presentations from different parties that are supplied to the public under the Terms of a Creative Commons License. See also the Presentations directory in our web repo.

Local TRIZ Structures