A Small Guide through the WUMM Infrastructure

Note that the project is driven by a team of TRIZ freshmen that try to learn more about the concepts, available resources and communicational infrastructure of the TRIZ community. Since these freshmen have a strong background in modern semantic technologies we use that special format to report about our findings and experience and hope that this is useful also for third parties. Of course, you are invited to join the team …

In part we found out so far that a significant portion of the debates are conducted in Russian in the Russian-speaking TRIZ community. We started to compile a little guide to that debates within our TRIZ Social Network subproject.

This Wiki

The RDFData Subproject

A collection of TRIZ relevant concepts, data and information in RDF format.

The OpenDiscovery Subproject

A collection of TRIZ relevant concepts and data in RDF format.

The Leipzig Seminar Subproject

A repo to conduct the activities in our Leipzig Seminar (all material in German only).


An experimental Demonstation Site of the WUMM project based on the Bootstrap Framework and the EasyRdf PHP Library.

The code is available from our github web repo.