TRIZ Ontology Project. The Webinar 2020.

The Information letter and the Webinar Schedule translated to English

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Dear colleagues!

The creation of a TRIZ Ontology is a new stage in the formation of TRIZ as a science. A TRIZ Ontology allows systematizing already existing knowledge in the field of TRIZ and outlining ways of further development. The first steps on formation of TRIZ Ontology have now been taken. About ten TRIZ specialists from Belarus, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Israel, Netherlands, France take part in the project. We would like to expand the circle of participants of this project, discuss with you the results obtained and invite the most interested specialists to joint further work in this ambitious project.

In the coming months we plan to hold short weekly webinars on various aspects of the TRIZ Ontology project. We will discuss two topics:

The duration of the presentation is 45-60 minutes, 30-45 minutes - discussion. In the following weekly webinars on TRIZ Ontology, we will cover the following topics:

A brief information on the current status of the project was presented at the conference in the report by A. Kuryan, M. Rubin, N. Shchedrin, O. Eckardt, N. Rubina “TRIZ Ontology. Current status and prospects”.

At present we plan to discuss the first results of the project with specially invited TRIZ specialists. For this purpose, we invite you to take part in a series of webinars. At these webinars different parts of the TRIZ Ontology will be presented and detailed information on how to become a participant of this project will be provided.

The webinars will take place at tuesdays 19:00 Moscow time based on ZOOM. The working language is Russian. Preliminary plan for the webinars:


The Attendees of the Webinar

See (in Russian).

How to become a participant of the project

2010-10-21: Nikolay Shchedrin wrote

Вы сообщили, что Ваша папка на портале OSA пустая, без онтологий. Так и должно быть. Согласно замыслу разработчиков у Вас должен быть доступ только к тем проектам на портале (онто-картам), которые создавали Вы. Если Вы хотите изучит карты других пользователей, то необходимо запросить ссылку к онто-карте. Обмен ссылками возможен через групповой чат команды разработчиков онтологии ТРИЗ.

You informed us that your folder on the OSA portal is empty, without ontologies. This is the way it should be. The intention of the developers is that you should only have access to those projects on the portal (onto-cards) that you created. If you want to study other users’ cards, you must request a link to the onto-card. Exchange links are available through the group chat of the TRIZ ontology development team.

Added by HGG: See also the role of a “visitor” in the TDS 2020 paper:

This is any person who is interested in the area of TRIZ knowledge in general and the TRIZ Ontology in particular. A visitor can study ontological diagrams and their descriptions on, accept to participate in discussions and express his opinions and ratings.

Hence a direct access to the ontology editor is not envisaged for that role.

Moreover Nikolay informed about a web site with video instructions (in Russian) how to register with OSA and start working on the project.

Hans-Gert Gräbe, last update Oct. 22, 2020