About the WUMM Project

The WUMM project is a community project actively driven by the members of the WUMM github organizational account, a (changing) international team of volunteers. Note that the organizational account “wumm” is already occupied so that we decided to create the organizations account “wo-mm” even if the “wumm” account is presently not used.

General disclaimer

All information was collected with substantial care, but imposes the same restrictions as any online open-content collaborative encyclopedia; hence it is supplied under similar terms as given in the Wikipedia General Disclaimer.


Personal data as defined in art. 5 EUDATAP are processed to display scientific activities of members of the scientific community only. Transparency of information (art. 12, 13 (4), 14 (5), 15 EUDATAP) is guaranteed since all information is publicly available.

Personal data are processed for scientific purposes only, hence art. 27 BDSG (neu) of the German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (new) applies.