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March 9, 2020:

Valeri Souchkov about the role of ideas for solutions in complex challenges in a post on his Facebook channel.

Russian Original, English translation.

January 17, 2020:

Антон Кожемяко: интервью про ТРИЗ [мифы, возможности, тренды] (Anton Kozhemyako: interview about TRIZ [myths, opportunities, trends])

December 21, 2019:

The relationship between TRIZ and philosophical questions, in particular those related to Hegel’s dialectic and thus also to the fundamental epistemic assumptions of Marx and Engels, is undisputed, see for example the work of Justus Schollmeyer. In his work, Anton Kozhemyako refers strongly to philosophical theory buildings, which were designed within the school of the Russian philosopher G.P. Schtschedrovitsky. Mikhail Rubin criticized this reference in his expert opinion of Kozhemyako’s work as unsustainable mainly due to terminology inconsistencies. That remains to be explored.

December 18, 2019:

Московский ТРИЗ Клуб. «Марксизм между будущим и прошлым» (Moscow TRIZ Club. “Marxism between the future and the past”)

The videos (in Russian):

December 7, 2019:

I started a discussion about the problem “What’s the Relation of Man to its Technical Systems?”. The starting point came from the Development Laws of Technical Systems that play an important role in TRIZ theory, but are shaped in a different manner within different TRIZ schools.

The discussion was started in the TRIZ facebook group a consolidated version of the discussion both in German and Russian is available in a separate TSN Thread.

November 10, 2019:

There was a discussion about TRIZ and the notions of component, system and function on Sergey Simakov’s Facebook channel. Some of the material is recorded and planned to be translated in English in a separate TSN Thread.

October 23, 2019:

Natalya Rubina published the material for the TRIZ Cup 2020.

A version with English and German Translation is on the way and will be available in the directory TRIZCup/2020 of the OpenDiscovery WUMM subproject.

October 2019:

Valeri Souchkov published a new newsletter.


September 8, 2019:

On my Facebook account I started a discussion about the odds and evens of translation projects. Very helpful, at least for me, is Google Translate, so you may use this facility to translate the following section about my motivation to start such a thread. Below the goal in three language versions.

August 28, 2019:

The TRIZ Journal published my TRIZ Newbee’s Report.

August 23, 2019:

There was a discussion about the differences between TRIZ and Design Thinking on Valeri Souchkov’s Facebook channel. Some of the material is recorded and translated in English in a separate TSN Thread.

July 27, 2019:

Valeri Souchkov published a youtube video with a presentation (in Russian) “Прорывное мышление в малом и среднем бизнес. ТРИЗ для предпринимателей” (Breakthrough thinking in small and medium-sized businesses. TRIZ for business) that initiated a strong discussion at his Facebook channel.

July 12, 2019:

Дмитрий Бахтурин представил визионерскую лекцию В.А.Подороги – «Общее чувство. Естественные границы искусственного». (Dmitry Bakhturin introduced the visionary lecture of V.A. Podorogi – “General feeling. The natural boundaries of the artificial”.)

February 02, 2019

In Hamburg we had a meeting about TRIZ, dialectics and the development of the GDR Inventor Schools with Rainer Thiel, Justus Schollmeyer, Kai Hiltmann and others.