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December 7-9, 2023. 2nd International Conference “TRIZ In Today’s Academic Context”

Subject: Development of TRIZ ontology for organization and management

Organised by the Moscow TRIZ Club and Moscow Financial University.

July 29, 2023. Volume 24 of “Rohrbacher Manuskripte” published

Peter Koch. Methodological foundations of the creative, innovative problem-solving process (in German). Rohrbacher Manuskripte, Heft 24. Book on Demand 2023. 188 S. ISBN 9783757827656. Book on Demand 2023. 188 S. ISBN 9783757827656.

See a short annotation of the publication in German and English.

February 22, 2023. Sergey Yatsunenko about MATRIZ

Яцуненко Сергей Анатольевич: Развитие МА ТРИЗ и перспективы развития ТРИЗ сообществ

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn7uycHiXMk (in Russian)

January 22, 2023. “Don’t be afraid of challenging tasks”.

TRIZ Master Oleg Gerasimov in interview at Trizofication

See also https://trizofication.ru/

January 17, 2023: TRIZ today - Report given by Boris Zlotin (in Russian)


From Youtube abstract (translated to English):

I always listen with interest to an amazing TRIZ Master Boris Zlotin, and once, 16 years ago, in 2007, Boris Lvovitch told in great detail how he came to TRIZ, how this process developed from the first “TRIZ + FVA department” at Electrosila to his move to Chisinau, and then to Detroit of the whole TRIZ school.

8 hours of Boris Zlotin’s stories about TRIZ formation in 2007. Download from https://disk.yandex.ru/d/JjEG1onOiENOGA and all transcripts of the talks from http://triz-solver.com/index.php/lyubopytno/182-triz-history

A special story is about software IWB to support the invention process training of a group of Russian and Korean TRIZ experts in Seoul in 2012 http://triz-solver.com/index.php/soft. No one has created anything similar to the analytical block “Problem Formulator” so far, which works equally well in technical, social or managerial fields.

January 9, 2023: Business TRIZ and Troubleshooting

Alexey Blagich and Valeri Souchkov (in Russian)

  1. What is troubleshooting and who is a troubleshooter really?
  2. Myths about troubleshooters making millions.
  3. How do you become a troubleshooter and make good money?
  4. Do you need to know TRIZ and Business TRIZ in troubleshooting?

December 13, 2022: Videos provided by Yuri Danilovsky

Для того, чтобы развивать Творческое Воображение ТРИЗ подходит как нельзя лучше по одной простой причине. Ты что то придумал – потом сделал – оно заработало (повезло !) и теперь ты точно ЗНАЕШЬ, что ты умеешь придумывать новое и твои фантазии не беспомощное перечисление невероятных идей. Появилась идея - проверь её, сделай её своими ПАЛЬЦАМИ и только так ты сможешь получить критическое мышление, и по другому оно не формируется, а дедушка тебе всю теорию изобретательства сможет доступно рассказать по нашим рабочим тетрадям. Теорию тоже нужно знать, чтобы быстрее находить конструкции.

In order to develop Creative Imagination, TRIZ is the best way for one simple reason. You think of something - then you do it - it works (good luck!) and now you KNOW for sure that you can think of and your fantasies are not a helpless listing of unbelievable ideas. You’ve got an idea - check it out, do it with your FINGERS and that’s the only way you can get critical thinking, which is the only way to get it, and Grandpa can tell you all of the theory of invention and can explain it to you from our workbooks. You need to know theory too, to find designs faster.

The accompanying text of https://youtu.be/Rp-XVekCf6I contains a large link list to video examples (in Russian) of applications of different TRIZ principles.

December 12, 2022: The site of Yuri Danilovsky

In particular several material in English (but most of course in Russian)

December 11, 2022: TRIZ and TOS

Valery Souchkov explains the relation between TRIZ and TOS (ТРИЗ и ТОС, что общего у теории решения изобретательских задач и теории ограничения систем?)


January 26, 2022: Dmitri Bakhturin on TRIZ and Career


December 29, 2021: Mikhail Rubin’s congratulations to all for 2022

Высылаю Вам итоговое письмо конференции Саммита разработчиков ТРИЗ, которое было подготовлено после проведенной конференции и опубликовано на сайте https://triz-summit.ru/confer/tds2021/fin-2021/. В работе конференции в этом году приняло участие около 500 человек из 33 стран мира.

Следующая конференция ТРИЗ Саммита запланирована на 14-16 октября 2022 года. Мы сообщим Вам, как только начнется подготовка к этой международной конференции по ТРИЗ.

December 21, 2021: Evgeny Pokalo reports on his experience as tracker


December 16, 2021: Rainer Thiel passed away


November 8, 2021: Nikolay Shpakovsky passed away

It is with grief and consternation that I was informed today that Nikolay Shpakovsky has fallen victim to the Corona pandemic. We worked closely together for several years. Nikolay’s views were significant for me in learning the TRIZ basics. I know Nikolay as a combative fighter for Strong Thinking associated with OTSM-TRIZ and he has always developed new ideas and approaches in that areay. I will keep his memory alive in our future work.

September 16, 2021: My talks at the International TRIZ Conferences 2021

April 19, 2021: The Ecological Crisis

Alexander Kudryavtsev comments on a link about the abilities of birds to build elaborate nests. The question is discussed whether this indicates intelligence in animals or can be captured by the term “instinct” alone. The discussion continues on the extent to which humans themselves act “intelligently” when they undermine their own livelihoods, as has been more intensively diakutised in the last 20 years.


Record of the communication (so far only in Russian).

Febr. 5, 2021: 17. Interdisciplinary Discussion “Evolution of Technical and General Systems”

Complex Systems

Nov. 28+29, 2020: Moscow TRIZ conference

Московская ТРИЗ конференция “Модели представления и линии развития технических систем”.

Moscow TRIZ conference “Models of presentation and development lines for technical systems”.

Nov. 15, 2020: The Ideas of the recent Nobel Laureats on Economics

Igor Vikentev published a Facebook post and a Youtube video (in Russian) on that subject. The Video is about a report by Alexei Yuryevich Litvin in St. Petersburg at the 45th Scientific Conference “Creativity Strategies” in December 2019: https://vikent.ru/konf.

I stored the Facebook post together with an English Translation in this Blog.

Доклад был прочитан в Санкт-Петербурге Алексеем Юрьевиче Литвиным на 45-й ещё доковидной и очной научной конференции «Стратегии творчества» в декабре 2019 года: https://vikent.ru/konf/

Oct. 31, 2020: Boris I. Goldovski

On October 28 passed away Boris I. Goldovski, one of the most important TRIZ theorists. Vladimir Petrov published a memorial letter with a short C.V. and a list of his main theoretical and practical achievements.

Oct. 20, 2020: The TRIZ Ontology Project

At the TRIZ Developer Summit 2019 in Minsk the TRIZ Ontology Project was started. The website of the project is in Russian, an English overview was published in the TDS 2019 Proceedings. At the TRIZ Developer Summit 2020 a first report about the state of affairs was given (also in Russian, an raw english translation is available within the WUMM project), a Webinar on the topic is just running.

For more information see the Ontology Project and the Ontology Webinar in this github pages and also some additional remarks from the point of view of Semantic technologies.

Oct. 7, 2020: TRIZ and its German History

A contribution by Oliver Driesen, published in 2003 in the German Online newspaper brand eins (in German).

June 24, 2020: What is a field in SF-modeling?

At the Business TRIZ Online 2020 Conference were presented several talks on SF modeling, in particular using the “fields” of love, belief etc. It was quite strange to me to see the notion of a field put in such a strange context. I started a discussion about that, reported here in a separate thread

June 22-23, 2020:

Business TRIZ Online 2020 Conference

June 19, 2020: TRIZ teaching experience

I compiled a conversation between Valeri Souchkov and Anton Kozhemyako about TRIZ teaching experience on Facebook.

June 5, 2020: TRIZ analysis to the Corona problem

On Facebook I made the suggestion to apply a profound TRIZ analysis to the Corona problem as a challenge full of contraditions to transform the harmful into useful (or - at least - less harmful). I started a separate Corona Thread to record the most useful proposals.

May be it is also worth to collect links about TRIZ in Business? I just started such a collection beginning with Facebook posts.

May 9, 2020:

Valeri Souchkov about TRIZ and earning money. Почему ТРИЗ-команды не запускают свои продукты? (Why TRIZ teams don’t sell their products?)

Sergey Simakov started another discussion about the basics of TRIZ.

There is a continuation of the discussion on the problem “What’s the Relation of Man to its Technical Systems?”. I had a close look into the “MATRIZ approved material” about TESE, the “Trends of Engineering Systems Evolution” and also Nikolay Shpakovsky’s Book “Tree of Technological Evolution”. More is available in a separate TSN Thread.

April 8, 2020:

Anatoly Agulyansky shared in the TRIZ Facebook Group the following link to https://www.priz.guru about Fundamental and Auxiliary Root Causes published on September 26, 2019.

On the TRIZ Facebook channel a reminder to a 2003 paper on application of TRIZ principles within the SARS epidemy published in the TRIZ Journal was posted showing that using TRIZ principles is widespread, even if unconscious.

March 9, 2020:

Valeri Souchkov about the role of ideas for solutions in complex challenges in a post on his Facebook channel.

Russian Original, English translation.

January 17, 2020:

Антон Кожемяко: интервью про ТРИЗ [мифы, возможности, тренды] (Anton Kozhemyako: interview about TRIZ [myths, opportunities, trends])

December 21, 2019: Relationship between TRIZ and philosophical questions

The relationship between TRIZ and philosophical questions, in particular those related to Hegel’s dialectic and thus also to the fundamental epistemic assumptions of Marx and Engels, is undisputed, see for example the work of Justus Schollmeyer](https://secondnegation.com/).

In his work, Anton Kozhemyako refers strongly to philosophical theory buildings, which were designed within the school of the Russian philosopher G.P. Schtschedrovitsky. Mikhail Rubin criticized this reference in his expert opinion of Kozhemyako’s work as unsustainable mainly due to terminology inconsistencies. That remains to be explored.

More about Philosophical Basics of TRIZ,

December 18, 2019: Marxism between the future and the past

Московский ТРИЗ Клуб. «Марксизм между будущим и прошлым» (Moscow TRIZ Club. “Marxism between the future and the past”)

The videos (in Russian):

December 7, 2019:

I started a discussion about the problem “What’s the Relation of Man to its Technical Systems?”. The starting point came from the Development Laws of Technical Systems that play an important role in TRIZ theory, but are shaped in a different manner within different TRIZ schools.

The discussion was started in the TRIZ facebook group a consolidated version of the discussion both in German and Russian is available in a separate TSN Thread. Meanwhile additional remarks and links were added.

November 10, 2019:

There was a discussion about TRIZ and the notions of component, system and function on Sergey Simakov’s Facebook channel. Some of the material is recorded and planned to be translated in English in a separate TSN Thread.

October 23, 2019:

Natalya Rubina published the material for the TRIZ Cup 2020.

A version with English and German Translation is on the way and will be available in the directory TRIZCup/2020 of the OpenDiscovery WUMM subproject.

October 2019:

Valeri Souchkov published a new newsletter.


August 28, 2019:

The TRIZ Journal published my TRIZ Newbee’s Report.

August 23, 2019:

There was a discussion about the differences between TRIZ and Design Thinking on Valeri Souchkov’s Facebook channel. Some of the material is recorded and translated in English in a separate TSN Thread.

August 07, 2019: What is a technical system and what not?

July 27, 2019:

Valeri Souchkov published a youtube video with a presentation (in Russian) “Прорывное мышление в малом и среднем бизнес. ТРИЗ для предпринимателей” (Breakthrough thinking in small and medium-sized businesses. TRIZ for business) that initiated a strong discussion at his Facebook channel.

July 12, 2019:

Дмитрий Бахтурин представил визионерскую лекцию В.А.Подороги – «Общее чувство. Естественные границы искусственного». (Dmitry Bakhturin introduced the visionary lecture of V.A. Podorogi – “General feeling. The natural boundaries of the artificial”.)

February 02, 2019

In Hamburg we had a meeting about TRIZ, dialectics and the development of the GDR Inventor Schools with Rainer Thiel, Justus Schollmeyer, Kai Hiltmann and others.