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TRIZ Pedagogy, i.e. TRIZ in the secondary education of young people, is a strongly upcoming new branch of TRIZ practices. At the TRIZ-Fest 2019 in Heilbronn, the annual MATRIZ meeting, there was a whole section on that theme and even made the decision, concentrate the further MATRIZ efforts in three directions, “classical TRIZ”, “TRIZ and Business”, and “TRIZ Pedagogy”.

We started this web page to collect and inform about this (not very) new direction of TRIZ practices and the activities going on there.

A not at all complete survey

TA Teachers

From the Introduction:

The Thinking Approach (TA) teacher is the one interested in simultaneous development of thinking and subject matter skills of learners. Thinking skills are developed by learning to apply models that originate from the General Theory of Powerful Thinking (OTSM) based on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) to construct tools for solving specific problems in various disciplines.

They organise a ‘'’TA Teachers Conference Series’’’

The TRIZ Developers Summit Cup

The TRIZ Developers Summit Cup competition is an annually offered international competition on TRIZ challenges for children, students and teachers. It starts every year in October, projects can be submitted in digital form until a deadline in March. The final round is organized at the annual TRIZ Developers Summit. The competition offers tasks in different nominations (Inventive activity, fantasizing, TRIZ tools, research, TRIZ videos) for different age categories (8-10 years, 11-14 years, 15-17 years, students).

The competition was established in 2014 and has been offered annually since then. The materials and further notes on implementation and results are available in Russian on the website of the competition.

Within the OpenDiscovery project since 2019 we started to recompile the material of the contest as Open Source LaTeX versions and provide a German translation.

OTSM-TRIZ in Education. The Jonathan Livingston Project.

Education for a New Era

The Site of Anatoli Gin and Mark Barkan (in Russian)

Additional material and activities

More about that at (in German, with links to sites in Russian).