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(English translations of titles and abstracts from the Minsk TRIZ Club web site)

4.4.: 27 Jan 2021

Nataliya Rubina. How do you think. Inventive Thinking: Formation and Diagnosis

TRIZ is a scientific discipline that studies both the laws of technical system development and the patterns by which inventive thinking works and develops. We will discuss the hypothesis of forming a special type of thinking - inventive thinking. If ARIZ is taken as a benchmark of inventive thinking, a qualitative model of inventive thinking can be built and used to diagnose (compare) it with the real thinking of TRIZ seminar attendees. In addition, such a model can be used to evaluate the techniques proposed for inventive thinking development, project team building, etc.

4.3: 30 Dec 2020

New Year TRIZ competition, organized by Olga Eckardt and Igor Devojno

4.2: 25 Nov 2020

Sergei Kozlovsky. Fields of inquiry in the discovery industry

Sergei Kozlovsky will discuss how TRIZ approaches can be used in scientific research to plan and make scientific discoveries.

4.1: 28 Dec 2020

Olga Eckardt. A diversionary approach in non-technical areas. Examples of applications

Diversion Analysis was developed for technical systems where troubleshooting can be very difficult and rare. Extending this approach to non-technical areas involves modifying and adapting it to economic, social, pedagogical and other non-technical areas.

The principle of turning a problem into an opportunity to create such a situation using the resources of the system remains the same, but the typical problems and tasks look different.

The presentation will give examples from the field of project management in the creation of software products and business process support. In addition to theory, it will be shown how to apply this principle in practice.

3.9: 24 Jun 2020

3.8: 27 May 2020

3.7: 29 Apr 2020

3.6: 26 Feb 2020

3.5: 29 Jan 2020

3.4: 18 Dec 2019

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3.2: 30 Oct 2019

3.1: 25 Sep 2019

2.9: 29 May 2019

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2.4: 19 Dec 2018

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